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Why Clean Now if I don't know when I will ever wear that fancy garment again?
Sometimes customers decide to not immediately clean their Fancy Garments after wearing it
since these garments are rarely worn, and only worn on special events.
Hence, they don't know if, or when, they will ever have another special event to wear them again.

Unwisely, they put off professional cleaning of that fancy garment, due to the cleaning costs,
until another event is scheduled. This is bad for the garment as any stains or dinginess will be
harder to remove as the stains will have time  (a) to work their way into the garment fibers,
(b) "set" and  (c) become permanent. Sometimes stains will be more visible over time and
become even more noticeable after a cleaning as the stains have time to "set" into the garment

Furthermore, because customers delayed cleaning the garment for so long, our dry cleaning process would most likely take more time to complete than Same-Day Service. For example,
something that could have been done on the same day, will now take several days as several cleanings and different methods would be needed with no guarantee to remove any of the
months old stains.

Financial Benefits to Cleaning Immediately:
Even if there is no future event scheduled or the garment might fall out of your fashion tastes,
you can still take your fancy garment to a local dress consignment shop, which will need
a clean garment anyway, and perhaps you can recover some of your cleaning costs there.
Getting your fancy garment looking "as close to new" as possible will help with consignment
pricing and faster selling on the consignment store racks.
While clothing brand and "what's in fashion" are very important to consignment price, producing
a dry cleaning receipt to the consignment store also shows that you care about your garment
and were willing to spend money to take good care of your garment. reference-1,  reference.-2

But even if that fails or you don't want to do a consignment, you can let a relative or friend
borrow and wear it, or give it as a gift, and at least it will be clean for them.

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